The Oasis

Main Pool Deck

THE OASIS blossoms as a beautiful flower in the garden of angels. Raw-wooden touches, fluttering leaves and coloured flowers are the living ingredients of this surreal stage. THE OASIS brings peace at its most ecstatic moments.


The Deep

Studio B

THE DEEP is a slight visual representation of the Mediterranean Ocean in all her beauty. Where undiscovered pearls and shells function as decoration of this almost melodic stage. Don’t get lost in THE DEEP.


The Reef

Star Lounge

THE REEF combines its dark identity with stunning blacklights and decorative jellyfishes. The various creatures of the underwater wildlife are strongly integrated within the four walls of this extraordinary stage.


The Horizon

Viking Crown

THE HORIZON feels light as a feather and calm as a warm Mediterranean summer breeze. One could float away on his own thoughts while dancing underneath a stream of sunlight; With your feet on the deck, head in the clouds.


The Shore

On Air Club

THE SHORE is one of the existing club venues aboard the ship, it was build as an intimate gathering place with a top notch quality sound system and integrated DJ-booth. The Shore represents an underwater jungle, growing tropical palm trees and a driftwood barrier. It will be opened all 3 nights with a variety of music genres and entertainment, making it one of the best venues to dance during The Ark cruise.


The Lagoon

Front Deck

THE LAGOON is an undiscovered place where plants and rocks proliferate themselves in and surround its visitors. The unequal rocks form the gateway to a hidden paradise within the deck of the ship. Get lost, paradise awaits you.


The Submarine

Living Room

THE SUBMARINE forms the industrial, metallic stage with a mini DJ-booth to contribute to the intimate space. It is our tiniest, yet most fascinating and experimental area where the core of music is redefined.