History Of the Ark


Noah’s Ark is one of the most fascinating tales in history. The creation of Noah’s Ark was meant to survive the flood: causing separation of mankind and the start of a new era. Only those who helped each other, the innocent, were given a place at the Ark. With the past in our memory we sail towards a tropical future and invite every visitor to taste the beautiful things life has to offer.


Four days long the ship will cruise the Mediterranean Sea in a tropical setting making sure mankind would not only survive, but to be fruitful, joyful and most of all: for mankind to create. To create an atmosphere in which any animal would duplicate. To create an environment in which everybody is loved, accepted and musically connected. To create conversation where likeminded people share stories and discuss the strings of life.


For them to flourish, to blossom and to reconnect with all that is lost. Step aboard of The Ark and find your inner animal. Let it out, let it all go wild, loose from the concrete jungle known as city, into the deep, blue ocean. On the 31st of August the world will start over, far away from all its madness. It will taste as the great escape.


All visitors are contributors and participants in the process of creating the most dazzling experience for each other. Therefore everyone is asked to carry out the message of the 10 commandments to their fellow contributors and help to set the mood for a journey where love, music and caring about others is the highest purpose.